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The SwiftUI boilerplate to create AI wrappers or any iOS app FAST ⚡️
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As an indie iOS developer building apps, I always have to do a lot of repetitive code and boring stuff: Authentication, Onboarding, In-App Purchases, Paywalls, Securing API Key Requests in backend, Cloud Database, Analytics, Settings, Collect User Feedback, etc... I decided to bundle all in the WrapFast Boilerplate, so you can build AI Wrappers or any iOS app in minutes. WrapFast includes: - iOS App with all the boilerplate and GPT integrations. - Backend with endpoints to OpenAI APIs. - Your OpenAI API key won't be hacked as it is secured in the backend. - Documentation and tutorials step by step. You will learn how to build an AI wrapper through the example of a Calorie Counter.

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