Change log for allboilerplates

Allboilerplates was established on May 1st, 2024. It is a recent project and undergoing frequent updates.

  • 2025-05-22: First blog post written and added to page
  • 2025-05-20: Menu layout improvements. Interlinking between listings and technologies or features.
  • 2025-05-18: Features have page routing enabled. Editorial section added featured listings. The change log was updated with links and better explanations.
  • 2025-05-17: Indexation properties of pages improved.
  • 2025-05-13: Main listing pages improved big time. Much more detail displayed. User upload form improved an new data fields added
  • 2025-05-12: Error rendering improved, user listings editing capabilities improved.
  • 2025-05-11: Verified badge added to the front end for user verified listings. Ranking factor added to the data. Rankings are based on data quality. Better data, better ranking. Home page filter styling improved.
  • 2025-05-10: Logged in users can claim listings now so that they can be improved. This site is about user generated content first and foremost. Initial database population was to get the project started. User submitted data ranks higher because it is better quality. Nobody knows their boilerplate better than the user. Listing editing page started and almost done.
  • 2025-05-09: Main page improved by relocating the about us to about us. We also moved this change log from home to here, onto it's own route. Technology presentation improved as well. Technologies have now got listings in them, that was broken befor but is now fixed. Blog started, it is routed and functional but lacks content.
  • 2025-05-08: Main app Filtering functionality improved big time. User can now select by preferred technologies whereas before it was only one tech selectable.
  • 2025-05-07: Design Tweaks. User submission added to app
  • 2025-05-06: Filter functionality added to the main app. User can select their tech stack and will only see their preferred tech returned.
  • 2025-05-05: Design tweaks, data added, listing pages improved!
  • 2025-05-04: Logo added. Data collection, not yet rolled out
  • 2025-05-03: Footer initialized, home route styling improvements.
  • 2024-05-02: Backend started, dummy data added, UI improved, cards added to the main route, listing routes initialized, change log added to home route, nav-bar initialized, server improvements undertaken (service worker for database, can't have that go down)
  • 2024-05-01: Domain acquired, site hosted at this location
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