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Launch your next startup in just a few of days, not weeks. Template369 is a Flutter boilerplate designed to help you quickly build your SaaS, AI tool, or any web app and start earning money online. It’s the best solution for your startup, offering a modern approach to rapidly develop cross-platform apps.
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Cutting-Edge Technology Stack • Flutter: Empower your app with a seamless blend of captivating UI and robust business logic. • Firebase: Harness the power of Firestore, Email & Phone Authentication, Hosting, and FCM notifications for unparalleled database management. • TypeScript: Utilize Gen2 Cloud Functions to effortlessly integrate with Stripe and trigger notifications for specific events. • Stripe: Streamline your web subscriptions and checkout process with this industry-leading payment solution. Key Features • Email & Phone Authentication: Secure user access with ease. • User Registration: Effortlessly onboard new users. • Notifications: Stay connected with users across web and macOS platforms. • Subscriptions: Monetize your platform with subscription options. • Theme Styles: Personalize the user experience with 50+ themes including dark/light options. • Responsive Design: Optimal viewing on any screen size. • TypeScript Backend Integration: Seamlessly sync with Stripe for web subscriptions. Enhanced Pricing Options • Start Flutter Template only: Starting at $249.99. • Professional Bundle: Elevate your startup journey starting at $299.99. Get Started with Template369 Embark on a rapid startup launch across all platforms in just a few days with Template369. As a bonus, enjoy complimentary premium support for this month to assist with setting up your Template369 version. Explore the full potential of Template369 here. Unlock the future of your startup today.

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