Skip setup, focus on ideas. Build your SaaS, Startup, or Web App fast with our ReactJS & NodeJS boilerplate.
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Welcome to SwiftySaas Boilerplate

Build fast and validate faster with our robust ReactJS and NodeJS boilerplate, designed to help you skip setup and focus on bringing your ideas to life.


Authentication and Security

  • Authentication (Email + Password)
  • User Role-based Protection

E-commerce and Payments

  • Stripe Integration

Database and Storage

  • MongoDB (CURB)

Email and Newsletter

  • Email Integration (Convertkit)
  • Custom Email Templates

Design and UI

  • Optimized UI Components for SEO
  • Components and Animations (TailwindCSS)

Analytics and Insights

  • Web Analytics Integration (Google Analytics)

Community and Support

  • Discord Community

AI and Automation

  • ChatGPT prompts for terms and privacy

Updates and Maintenance

  • Lifetime Updates

Owner Verification

The SwiftySaas listing is owner verified
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