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The Expo and React Native Boilerplate to ship your mobile apps faster. Pre-built integrations including auth, payments, data handling, push notifications, chat and more.

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Introducing LaunchToday - Slash Your Mobile App Development Time by 80% Value

Proposition and Use Case

Are you a React Native developer looking to build your next mobile app? Integrating essential features can be time-consuming and effort-intensive. Without LaunchToday, your mobile app development process might take hours for authentication, notifications, payments, and more. What if you could cut that time dramatically?

LaunchToday - Launch Your App Faster

LaunchToday is a game-changing platform designed to reduce your mobile app development time by up to 80%. Whether you’re building AI, e-commerce, or chat applications, LaunchToday streamlines the process with powerful integrations that are easy to implement and manage.

Key Integrations Include:

  • Supabase for Authentication and Data Storage

    Effortlessly manage user authentication and store data securely with Supabase, simplifying your backend setup.

  • Stripe and RevenueCat for Payments, Subscriptions, and In-App Purchases

    Integrate seamless payment processing with Stripe and manage subscriptions and in-app purchases using RevenueCat.

  • Stream for Building Chat-Enabled Apps

    Add real-time chat functionality with GetStream, enhancing user engagement with robust, scalable chat features.

  • Sentry for Monitoring the Health of Your App

    Ensure your app runs smoothly with Sentry’s comprehensive monitoring tools, quickly identifying and resolving issues.

  • Metricalp for Privacy-Focused Analytics and Tracking Unique Visitors

    Gain valuable insights into user behavior with Metricalp’s privacy-focused analytics without compromising user privacy.

  • Built with Expo for a Great Developer Experience

    Expo provides a streamlined development workflow, making it easier to build, deploy, and iterate on your React Native apps, targeting both web and iOS/Android.

Why Choose LaunchToday?

LaunchToday is designed to help you launch your app faster, with less hassle. By leveraging these integrations, you can focus on what truly matters – creating an innovative and engaging app for your users.

Benefits Include:

  • Time Savings: Dramatically reduce the time required to integrate essential features.
  • Ease of Use: Simple, straightforward integrations that don’t require extensive coding knowledge.
  • Scalability: Build apps that can grow with your user base and feature set.
  • Quality: Ensure a high-quality user experience with robust monitoring and analytics.


Launch your next moble app today

Ready to speed up your app launches? Visit LaunchToday to learn more and get started.

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