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What is Larafast?

Larafast is a Laravel Starter Kit that speeds up development by including pre-built features like payment integration (Stripe, LemonSqueezy, Paddle), SEO tools, an Admin dashboard, a Blog, User Auth, Landing Page components powered by TailwindCSS and DaisyUI, and more, offering a complete package to quickly start Laravel projects. #

Features at a Glance

Payment Integration:

Larafast simplifies payment setup with pre-built integration for popular payment gateways like Stripe, LemonSqueezy and Paddle. Subscriptions Product Checkouts Customer Portal Webhooks Handling Order Statistics Subscription Statistics User Dashboard: Powered by Laravel Fortify, Larafast provides user authentication, with extended features like social auth and magic links. 


Social Auth

  • Google
  • GitHub 
  • Twitter

Protected routes Magic links Multi-tenancy ( User Teams with invited users ) 

Admin Dashboard 

Larafast provides an Admin Dashboard, to manage users, blog posts, orders, subscriptions, and statistics. Powered by Filament. Users Management Blog Articles Orders Subscriptions Statistics


Bult in SEO metatags, Sitemap Generator, Service can help get indexed and ranked in Google faster. SEO Meta Tags Twitter Cards Open Graph tags for social media Automatic sitemap generation markup Blog and Articles with SEO tags Blog: Blog and Article pages, out of the box. You can start to write your articles right after installing the app. Blog Page Articles Page Articles management through admin SEO

Optimized Themes 

Larafast has 30+ built-in themes powered by DaisyUI and TailwindCSS, with many Vue and Livewire components ready to build any pages fast. Powered by DaisyUI 30+ Themes out of the box Easy switching between themes

Why Larafast?

Larafast comes with 2 stacks - VILT (Vue, Inertia, Laravel, TailwindCSS) and TALL (TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Laravel, Livewire). 

It's fully customizable and extendable. It can save you 40+ hours of work for every new project.

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