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HubTemplate was our featured boilerplate for Week 22 of 2024


HubTemplate is the best Mobile Full-Stack boilerplate developed using Flutter, Firebase and TypeScript.
USD 149.99

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Detailed Description

HubTemplate Overview

HubTemplate allows you to launch on Mobile, Web, and macOS with only one codebase.

Technology Stack

  • Flutter: For the app UI and business logic.
  • Firebase: For database using Firestore, Email & Phone Authentication, Hosting for web and FCM for notifications.
  • TypeScript: Using Gen2 Cloud Functions to integrate with Stripe and send notifications on specific events.
  • Stripe: For web subscriptions and checkout.

Key Features

  • Email & Phone Authentication.
  • User Registration.
  • Notifications (works on web and macOS as well).
  • Subscriptions (works on web and macOS as well).
  • Theme Styles (with 50+ themes and dark/light themes).
  • Responsive design that fits on any screen size.
  • TypeScript backend to integrate with Stripe for web subscriptions.

Pricing Options

  • Flutter Template only: starting at $149.99.
  • Backend Template only: starting at $79.99.
  • HubTemplate Bundle: starting at $199.99.

Start using HubTemplate now to launch your Startup in a few days on all platforms and enjoy my premium support for FREE for this month if you need any help while setting up your HubTemplate version. Check out HubTemplate here.

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