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FasterNode was our featured boilerplate for Week 21 of 2024


The perfect boilerplate to launch your start-up in days. Make your first online $ faster. Build secure, scalable SaaS products or any other web app with pre-built fetures

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I designed FasterNode.io to be the simplest Node.js boilerplate on the market. As a solo developer myself, I understand the value of developer empowerment, especially for beginners and intermediates. Forget heavy abstractions and complex architectures – FasterNode.io takes the "unopinionated" approach, offering a refreshingly simple foundation for building powerful Node.js SaaS applications. Gone are the days of juggling multiple MVC files. FasterNode.io lets you manage all routes in a single server.js file, making development intuitive and efficient. This minimal abstraction approach gives you complete control over your codebase, allowing for easy customization as your project grows. But simplicity doesn't mean sacrificing functionality. FasterNode.io comes packed with essential features like user authentication, payment integration, and clean, maintainable code. It's the perfect launchpad for your next Node.js SaaS project, removing the boilerplate drudgery and letting you focus on what truly matters: building amazing applications.

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